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Do You Need a Realtor for New Construction?

Building a new Chambersburg/Shippensburg home can be a complex matter often filled with anxiety and stress. At first it might seem that all you need to do is check the yellow pages or surf the web to find a builder that can build you the right home. Understand this, no two builders are alike. Homes differ just like their builders. As your new home construction experts, we understand building a newly constructed home is among the top three most stressful events you will face in your life; however, with the assistance of a knowledgeable Realtor, it can be filled with many great memories. Together, we will help you make it a positive experience.

In this article, we’ve included several reasons why having a Realtor (the Lane Thrush Team), as your new home construction partner is a solid decision. We will help you beat the stress of building your new South Central Pennsylvania home.

Trust your Realtor

You will face a maze of decisions, forms, financing options, inspections, and closing costs. It makes sense to work with local real estate professionals who know this community, the builders/developers and much more. We are real estate professionals who serve the greater Chambersburg and Shippensburg areas.

Looking at the big picture – with all the decisions involved – building a new home can make anyone nervous. We recommend you take each task one step at a time. Then it won’t seem so overwhelming. Trust us; we’ve been through the home building process with clients many, many times and we will help you through this one. Trust our professional team to take care of the details so you have a successful home construction experience just as our previous clients have.

Tips to selecting a builder

It’s a great idea to review the work of builders, and then list, which builders connect with your needs and style. You will want a builder who offers the following attributes:

  • The builder uses quality products

  • Builds homes in the location that you want

  • A builder who is skilled and experienced

  • One who has a great track record of satisfied customers: a real professional

  • Choose a builder who does things right: who can answer your questions and help you make confident decisions.

  • Communicates with you frequently

There are many professional new homebuilders in our area waiting to make your new home dreams come true and we will help you with your builder selection process.

Be clear about what you want

It's hard to get what you want if you don't ask for it. In the home building business, the real professionals want to know your expectations and needs. So don't hesitate to "speak your mind". Not everyone finds this easy to do, but it is very important. When there are things about a new home that you don't understand, ask questions. We will insure you are provided a thorough explanation to your satisfaction. Realtors and professional builders want the opportunity to do this. As your buyer’s agent, we will keep you in the loop and let you know what’s happening at all times.

Ask Questions

Ask questions about the builder. Because character and reputation matter to you, we have relationships with numerous reputable area builders and we would be happy to refer you to several who will meet your home building needs. When you meet with these builders, you should talk about the following important aspects to building your home: balancing price and value. The range of prices in the new home market generally reflect differences in location, features and quality of construction. If a builder's prices seem out of line with others in your area, ask for an explanation. Higher prices should reflect better-quality materials, finishing, features and service. The opposite is usually true when prices are lower than average. We recommend you make sure the price you are offered will deliver the quality you want.

The buying process is an intense experience for many homebuyers. You’ve likely heard the expression, “Make the best of any situation.” Well, it’s especially true when building your new Chambersburg or Shippensburg home. Think of the construction process of building your new home as an adventure; soon you’ll be excited about the process.

As you can see, building a new home doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be an opportunity for you to build the type of home that will be a refuge, a place to relax and establish lasting memories. Why not contact us, the Lane Thrush Team today and enjoy the experience!

For more information about the advantages of buying new construction, read Benefits to Owning a Newly Constructed Home.

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